Vehicle Repair & Servicing

Need a service, or repairs on your car? Trust Jewell Mechanical, your local mechanic


At Jewell Mechanical, we service a wide range of vehicles from all manufacturers.

With over 30 years serving the community in Cromer and the Northern Beaches, there’s no issue or problem our team hasn’t solved.

Jewell Mechanical uses only genuine parts, or parts that exceed the standard of the original manufacturer.

Whether you need to replace your timing belt, your brake discs, or get your exhaust fixed, the team at Jewell Mechanical can help you with your car.

We also offer vehicle Registration Inspection (PINK SLIP) & e-Safety Check (ELECTRONIC PINK SLIP), with Unregistered Vehicle Inspection (BLUE SLIP), on prior appointment.

Rest assured, we treat all customer cars as if they were our own.

For a limited time, get your car serviced at Jewell Mechanical for only $129, with FREE 6-MONTH ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE.

Vehicle service includes:

  • Replace Engine Oil (up to 5 litres)
  • Replace Engine Oil Filter
    • Up to 2 Callouts per 6 Months
    • Up to 25km Tow, Free of Charge
    • Emergency Fuel
    • Lockouts
    • Emergency Accomodation
    • Spare Wheel Fitting
    • Jump Start or Battery Replacement
  • Inspect All Water Levels
  • Inspect Transmission & Differential Oil Levels
  • Inspect Brake & Steering Fluid Levels
  • Complete Brake Inspection, Adjustments as Required
  • Full Steering & Suspension Inspection
  • Oil Disposal

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(02) 9982 2483
0426 679 745

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*Some imported, high performance, recreational, sports utility vehicles, 4×4, commercial or front wheel drive vehicles and manufacturers’ log book services may cost extra.

Trailer Repair & Servicing

Let us fix and repair your trailer, in preparation for summer


Whether you have a boat trailer,
bike or car trailer,
caravan trailer,
or any other light duty trailer, we can service and repair them.

Trailers are often neglected or forgotten, and can be a danger on the road if not properly inspected and serviced.

Let Jewell Mechanical make sure that your trailer is up-to-standard, and safe to use.

We offer a variety of services for trailers, including:

  • PINK SLIP inspections
  • BLUE SLIP inspections, with prior appointment
  • Fixing and replacing Wheel Bearings,
  • Hubs,
  • Axles,
  • Springs,
  • Brakes and Brake Lining,
  • and General Fabrication.

Give us a call at:
(02) 9982 2483
0426 679 745

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Vehicle Inspections

Need to renew your rego, or register a new vehicle? Let us help you out


Located in Cromer, Northern Beaches, Jewell Mechanical also offers vehicle and trailer inspections, as well as vehicle and trailer servicing and repairs.

We are an Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (ASCIS), and professionals when it comes to the safe and roadworthy operation of all vehicles and trailers.

Whether you need to register a new car bought from interstate, or renew registration on your existing car, Jewell Mechanical can assist you.

We offer the following services and inspections for vehicles and trailers:

  • Registration Inspection (PINK SLIP)
  • e-Safety Check
  • Unregistered Vehicle Inspection
    (BLUE SLIP), on prior appointment.

Give us a call at:
(02) 9982 2483
0426 679 745

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